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Son Bleda
Founded as a monastery, the foundations date back to 1180, id had been taken over during the medieval time by a descendant of the Spanish Royal family. A historical register dated 1677, recording transactions and payments, is still kept at Son Bleda.

A gigantic estate belonged to the monastery on which olive, almonds, carob pots and other fruits were harvested. The house boasted its own oil and grain mills of which remnants have been integrated into the hotel. Son Bleda remained empty for 30 years crumbling away. The restorations took 8 years and now run as a hotel since the year 2000. The walls and the hotels atmosphere recount its long history now in a modern setting with high standards.


At the time, the region of Sóller gained importance due to having the biggest natural harbour on the Island. In 1712 this part of the island belonged to the monarchy of Montpellier in France. Traders had boats and came to trade the popular citrus fruits unavailable anywhere else. They came for the Black Majorcan pigs, already then a delicacy for its tasty ham. A region that has kept its natural charm. The valley of Sóller and the mountain region of Deià are a culinary highlight on Mallorca, with restaurants offering something for everyone’s taste, from the typically hearty Spanish cuisine to high end fine dining. It has retained a typical Mediterranean charm amidst the stunning UNESCO world heritage site, The Tramuntana mountain range, that fascinated the early arab settlers.